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Discover the world of digital design and unleash your creativity while creating beautiful patterns and illustrations, that you can use for printing on whichever surface or product you like.

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What is digital design

Digital design is any kind of art created using digital media, such as a computer or tablet. It’s the opposite of traditional art which is normally created with analogue media, such as watercolour, or pencil and paper.

My classes

I am an all-round creative and I love experimenting with different software and media, such as Procreate and Illustrator. In all my classes I guide you step by step toward the completion of your project, sharing all the tips and tricks to create a beautiful illustration.

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1 month free Premium Skillshare access

Unleash your creativity, explore different techniques, and learn more about digital illustration on Skillshare! + When you sign up to my classes you get many of my brushes and fantastic resources for free!

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