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Procreate Online Classes

Procreate is only supported on iPads. Please visit Procreate’s FAQ page to check which iPad models are currently supported.

While you may still be able to use the app only with your finger, drawing and being precise without a stylus can be a bit tricky. So, I recommend having a stylus, preferably the Apple Pencil. Please visit Procreate’s FAQ page to check compatibility.

Of course you can! You could even use analogue media like pencils and paper. But please keep in mind Procreate classes are specific to this app, so I will be focusing primarily on teaching you how to use this drawing tool.

Please read the class description as this information will be specific to each class.

You’ll receive the link within 7 days from the event.

You’ll be able to download them through a separate link, provided within the same email that contains the meeting link. Alternatively it will be sent to you separately.

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