I help businesses create original and eye-catching products with fun and colourful illustrations

My portfolio ranges from illustrations with a graphic design style, to more textured patterns and watercolour designs. I love creating illustrations and repeating patterns that you can use on almost any surface.

Patterns are my Passion

I strive for creating great designs that elevate your products' awesomeness

After taking up a BA in Architecture at Roma Tre University in Italy, I moved to the UK where I completed a MA in Interior Architecture and Design at Nottingham Trent University. Working as an Interior designer, led me to discover the world of surface pattern design. 

The more I studied how to create patterns and researched about it, the more my passion grew until I transitioned to freelance to pursue surface design full-time.

Today I design patterns and illustrations for many products, from textiles to stationery, greeting cards, gifts and more.

My freelance design services include:

Custom illustration

Working to your design brief and necessities


Licensing/Purchasing artwork already available in my portfolio

Graphic Design

Creating graphics for your brand, social media and website

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As well as working as a freelance designer, I love sharing my passion and helping other creatives with my classes and products

Did you know?

I speak two languages: I speak English fluently and Italian is my mother tongue. So I offer both my classes and services in both languages.

My designs on products

Here you can see a selection of companies and shops selling products with my designs